Toggr World

Magnasoft, our client, offers Toggr, a safety watch that keeps children safe, and parents worry-free.

They required a simple brochureware website, designed and developed, initially. Down the line. Magnasoft decided to sell watches online.  We then made a neat e-commerce website. We loaded it with functional features that generate invoice slips, offers multiple payment options. We also made sure that it has mail integration chip.

However, Amazon took over its sale, and Magnasoft had to lose its e-commerce website. We then provided them with a newly designed brochureware website along with several other features. It automatically detects the device from which it is being accessed and adjusts itself accordingly. To give the user an unmatched experience. Speed is therefore optimised. The website opens up with a live support chat to help customers ask questions and resolve them immediately.

We accommodate changing deliverables and provide the absolute best with the resources you have. The websites we make are not close sourced and therefore, you have a choice to take what we have made for you on a different platform. We understand that requirements change, we are ready to accommodate and deliver the best.

At Nissim, we are flexible, just like the websites we make.