Argil Adorn

Varshini C. came to us with an idea in her mind and a special skill in her hands — crafting terracotta jewellery. She wanted to reach out to people who are interested in her work. We took it upon ourselves to give her idea the most suitable platform.

  A simple and elegant website was laid out that is not only functional but also cost-effective. She now sells her jewellery on which is designed to be a secure website to carry out online transactions. To bring value to her business, we knew that just an e-commerce website would not be enough.

It was our suggestion to set up gallery within the website that illustrates the process of making terracotta jewellery through a series of photographs.
We also recommended her to maintain a blog that talks more about the terracotta practice. This helps her educate and gain the attention of art enthusiasts. 

Varshini’s unique work has made her more independent, and we wanted the website to do the same. She now manages her business and website all by herself in the comforts of her home. She finds it quick and easy to update her online store with photographs of new designs. This platform allows her to sell hassle-free.

We know the technology, and we have made it accessible to add value to Varshini’s venture.